Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Introducing myself...

My About me gives a good general description but there is so much more to me. I was married to my husband, Kevin, on July 17th, 2010. We are starting to get into the groove of married life but I feel like I have been with him forever. We dated for 2.5 years before getting married because we just wanted to go ahead and be with each other. We let God work in our marriage and follow his guidance to help us grow. We are currently searching for a new church & seeing where God leads us. We have a small family, just him, my kitty Dippy, and I. I would say our cat but Kevin is still getting used to him and not very much of a cat person. We plan on having children in about 10 years so we have plenty of time for just me & him, as well as accomplish everything we want to first. We both work at a call center to pay the bills but it is by no means a career. I am currently working to go into the military, and he is as well. The Air Force is going to be our first shot but if that does not work the Army will be second. I want to get a degree in law, however I know the field is overstocked with law degree graduates at the moment so I am looking into other options.


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